You'll see a lot of crazy things in a bar but you'll only see something like this in a Texas bar. A woman caught an opossum by the tail and escorted it outside. And that opossum was huge!

It all took place last week in a bar in Nacogdoches called Banita Creek Hall.

The video was posted on Twitter and it went viral to say the least. Now the young woman Jessica White is making national news.

Twitter, Banita Creek Hall
Banita Creek Hall, Twitter


According to KSAT news Jessica saw the animal sneak in to the place and was worried it might get hurt with all the people around. So, noticing that it was pretty calm she grabbed it by it's tail and asked the owner of the place a safe place outside for her to take it.

Banita Creek Hall, Twitter
Banita Creek Hall, Twitter

It seems that that opossum picked the perfect place and the perfect time to come inside. On the video below, Jessica says with a big smile "He's kinda heavy."  You can hear others saying 'Wholly Molly!' and 'You're a badass.'

Oh and now Jessica has a new name Opossum Queen.

Be Aware there is a cuss word at the beginning of the video by some guy realizing what she is holding.

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