Well, now I have seen everything... as I live and breathe if that's not a "personal massager" right here in my Neighborhood Market. At least they are on the top shelf.

I'm going to embarrass a family member here but my daughter was the first one of us to notice these in her Walmart down in Sealy, Texas. She told me about them, snickering under her breath, I thought surely they were not in my Neighborhood Market... I was wrong.

Personal Massagers - Walmart - JimWeaver
Personal Massagers - Walmart - JimWeaver

So the other day my wife is looking for some makeup stuff and as usual, I'm pushing the basket. As she peruses the well-lit makeup aisle and I've waved my arms a few times grinning like an idiot at the camera on that aisle, like I normally do, I suddenly remembered my daughter's story about her Walmart. So, I turned my head and looked down the aisle at the personal hygiene and lube section and I'll be danged, there they are.

Thankfully they are pretty discrete. I'm glad they aren't in a box with a see-through front. Holy Moly... try explaining that one to your 3-year-old.

After I startled my wife with a rather loud laugh-snort, I whipped out my trusty camera with a phone in it, and snapped off a couple of shots for you. You are welcome.

Personal Massagers close up- Walmart - JimWeaver
Personal Massagers close up- Walmart - JimWeaver

Is $30 a good price for one of these? Seems fair, I have no idea. Who knew they would need anti-theft devices on them? That might make it a little awkward at checkout.

Speaking of which, you might want to use the self-check out to... check yourself out... before you... check out yourself.

Wait, one more thing... I wonder how long it might be before we see these items with the Great Value branding?

I'm sorry, I'll see myself out.

Luv ya, mean it!

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