New Year, new badge... check out the bling on the Texarkana Texas-side police officers in the next few days. 

Texarkana is getting ready to commemorate the sesquicentennial anniversary of its founding in the new year with TXK150 celebrations all year long, the Texas-side police officers will be showing it off on their uniforms as well with a new commemorative badge.

Texarkana Texas Police Chief Kevin Schutte
Texarkana Texas Police Chief Kevin Schutte

Police Chief Schutte (above) has authorized this special commemorative badge for officers to wear during the new year. The Texarkana, Texas Police Department is celebrating its 150 year too, and what a beautiful way to show it off every day.

According to the report on the TTPD Facebook Page, Chief Schutte appointed a committee of officers to design a “150 Year Anniversary Commemorative Badge,” the committee prepared several badge designs, and the officers later got to vote on the one they liked the best.

TTPD 150 Badge - Texarkana TX Police Dept
TTPD 150 Badge - Texarkana TX Police Dept

The two-toned design selection features full-color American and Texas flags on the sides. It includes the dates 1873-2023, and the 150-year number across the bottom.

The Police Department would like you to know that each badge was purchased by each officer that wanted one, so there is no cost to the City. Also, the local police associations helped offset some of the cost for their members. Since the officers each purchased their own badge they will be able to keep it as a keepsake at the end of the year.

The report also states that in addition to the department-issued badge, Chief Schutte has commissioned the “150th Anniversary Commemorative Badge” as an official department badge for the Texarkana Texas Police Department for the 2023 calendar year. Those officers who elected to not purchase the special badge will continue to wear the current shield.

Chief Schutte said;

“This is a great way to display the pride we have in our department and city for its 150th anniversary without negatively impacting the City’s budget.”


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