Los Angeles prosecutors are reviewing the high-speed chase involving Justin Bieberearlier this month, and it could lead to charges against a paparazzo, according toTMZ.com.

Justin was stopped by the California Highway Patrol and cited for reckless driving on Los Angeles' 101 Freeway on July 6.  His camp contended that he was speeding because he was attempting to elude paparazzi.

TMZ.com reports that that California Highway Patrol has recommended that a photographer who reportedly played a major role in the chase be charged under a new California law that prohibits paparazzi from endangering celebrities while trying to take pictures or video of them.

The California Highway Patrol has also recommended that the photographer be charged with reckless driving, according to TMZ.

An L.A. city councilman who called 911 prior to the Justin's citation has said the pop star was driving over 100 miles per hour during the chase.