Rapper 'Famous Dex' will fly Texarkana Teen Zemarcuis Scott to see him in Los Angeles.

Here is a little backstory on this. Texarkana, Arkansas teen Zemarcuis Scott tried to steal a plane from the Texarkana Regional Airport on July 4th to go see 'Famous Dex' in concert Illinois. The teen was caught trying to steal the twin-engine jet plane and was behind the controls.


Zemarcuis pled guilty to attempted theft of property and commercial burglary and will receive 5 years probation for the charges.

When the police caught him, Zemarcuis wasn't too concerned that he had no idea how to fly the plane. He said that it looked simple.

According to TMZ the rapper heard about the story and thought it was a hoax. Famous Dex it is the craziest thing he has ever heard a fan do to see him live, but now he wants to fly him out to see one of his shows.


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