Have you figured out what you will wear for Halloween this year? If not, check out what is available in Texarkana. 

As expected, the super hero trend continues with plenty of costume options to be made for the man of iron or have the appearance of webs shooting from your hands. You can be the captain with a great shield and this year add the remake of the ghost busting movie, or ninja turtles. You may want to dress as a recruit of a secret government agency to fight crime or dress as a transforming alien. With so many costume choices available, it is tough to decide.

Now is the time to shop at Walmart if that is your store because the shelves are stuffed full with costumes and accessories. My shopping partner/stepson Ethan and I did our run through the Arkansas side Walmart in Texarkana.

Wally's Party Factory has a good selection of costumes and props as well. They have the popular super heroes as well as nurses, vampires and the accessories to create your own characters.

The Spirit Halloween Super Store is like the mother ship of all that is Halloween. This year they are located in the old Home Zone store on Mall Drive. The store is brighter is much nicer than their old location on West 7th Street. I was in awe when the doors opened, kind of like a kid walking into a giant candy store.

The super store has a lot of animatronics to try out which made for some fun videos.

The holiday hits on a Monday this year so most of the parties will be the weekend before and the trick-or-treating will be on the actual holiday. My stepson says he'd like to do what we did last year which was to buy a movie and go home with some microwave popcorn.