I talked about the new burger bun at Burger King causing some after effects that people were not expecting. A little floating green surprise if you know what I mean. Well guess what? There is already a Halloween costume for it.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays so I subscribe to a couple of costume company magazines. I think this idea is ingenious. You might have heard how the black bun on Burger King's Halloween Whopper has been turning people's poop green.  And now it's a couple's costume available with options to turn it into a group theme.

In case you missed it, all of the media outlets were talking about Burger King's new Halloween Whopper because it has a black hamburger bun and that is causing some unexpected side effects. The burger isn’t getting all the press because of how it tastes because most are saying it's not even that good. The excitement about the burger comes after it is eaten because the black bun is making some people's poop turn green.

And now, you can celebrate that side effect with a couple's Halloween costume. Pop culture phenomenon yesterday, Halloween costume today.

HalloweenCostumes.com has a guide for what to buy from them if you want to dress up as a black Whopper and a piece of green poop. It is easy to do because they already sell a full-body poop costume. With a little green paint and a couple of green accessories you have it made. I think the green version of the poop costume looks way better than the brown version. The costume company also sells a hamburger costume and with a little black color added to the bun, it becomes the Halloween Whopper. If you have a third or fourth person that you want to include in your group, there are costumes available for the Burger King and you can probably find the creepy one, too.