For the first time in nine years, Halloween falls on a Saturday! That means there will be a lot of parties to attend and decorating to do. What will you be this Halloween?

We had fun dressing up last year for Halloween. My family did a theme and dressed up as characters from AMC's The Walking Dead.

Mario from the radio station was a pirate. I dressed up as Michonne from AMC's show The Walking Dead and my dog is in character as one of Michonne's zombie pets. My stepson was Daryl, my husband was Rick Grimes and my sister was Andrea. We all piled into my truck for a fun night of trick or treating.

At the Ark-La-Tex Comic Con this year I got to meet the actors who play Michonne's zombie pets on The Walking Dead! I revived my Michonne costume for the comic con but this time I wore shorts because it was in the high 90s and that wig is hot enough.

Have you ever heard of Orange Tuesday? Orange Tuesday® is the Black Friday of Halloween and kicks off the Halloween season created to kick off the buying season for the October holiday. This is the third-annual Orange Tuesday® which falls on the day after Labor Day every year. This holiday was created by a costume company and they trademarked the name but even so, it could become a celebrated day because of it.

You can expect that top costumes this year will be from well known characters, comics, TV shows and movies like Avengers 2, Minions, Batman Dark Night Rises, Star Wars and Disney Princes.

The haunted houses will be opening soon too. Check out the scary clown in the House of Horrors in Texarkana: