Running a dog rescue in this mud is a huge hassle when most of the dogs are in my house! It's like living in the TV show Little House on the Prairie with a dirt floor. My leather furniture is splattered with mud. My walls, washer, dryer, refrigerator and face have been covered in mud from dog paws and tails. Look at this art project my dogs did for me on my back door!

Dogs have to go outside several times a day to do their business and my house is way too small for a bunch of playing so the dogs are just laying around building up all that wonderful energy that is going to come out somewhere. Here is a video of three of my rescued dogs burning off some energy in the exercise pasture. Listen to the mud!

I have been stuck in my yard twice in the past three days. Every time I walk out the front or back door I have to wear rubber boots and tuck my jeans into the boots or they will be covered in mud, too. Some areas of my property are still under water and the forecast is calling for rain again tomorrow. Please stop the madness!

Look at what my front walk way looked like before this last round of showers hit.

I uploaded this next video on March 9, 2015, and it has rained a lot since then. Apparently, there is an underground spring that is overfull.

Living in the country means having a septic tank, which we just had emptied this fall and it is already having issues to the point that I am having to wash clothes at laundromats; dishes have to be washed by hand in buckets and the water dumped outside; and we are all taking showers in the shower that I had disconnected from the septic several years ago so I could wash dogs without clogging up the pipes. It's crazy. My husband has had to dig trenches all around the property to try and drain the puddles and flooded areas.

I'm not ready for a super hot summer and I actually enjoy winter type weather with the temps in the 50s, but something has got to give us some relief!