When KiddNation has issues in their relationships they turn to the 'Love Expert' for a little advice on how to navigate the situation.

KiddNation's resident 'Love Expert' Kellie Rasberry was in to help those members that are experiencing some type of issue in their relationships. One KiddNation member wanted Kellie's opinion on how to handle her husband's balding head. He's in his 30's and showing signs of balding early but he refuses to consider hair plugs or other treatments. Should she try change his mind? Kellie dishes some healthy advice on this situation.

Then there's another member of KiddNation who is really upset that her family will not help her pay for her second wedding. She wants to know if she is expecting too much from them and Kellie lets her know!

Listen to these relationship issues along with a couple of others in today's Love Letters To Kellie.

If you need some advice about a situation that is happening in your relationship, tell Kellie all about it and she could be offering you up some advice on Monday or Wednesday during Love Letters To Kellie.

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