Albertsons in Texarkana is adding the convenience of handling Electronic Benefits Transfer on their online ordering services.

Susan Morris, the Chief Operating Officer for Albertsons had this to say about the recent changes:

Research shows that a large percentage of EBT recipients face mobility challenges due to a disability, lack of transportation, or caring for young children, which can prevent them from physically shopping in a store. As a trusted community grocer committed to helping solve food insecurity, we want to make healthy foods available to those at risk by offering multiple private, secure and convenient shopping options,” This program allows shoppers to use their EBT cards to make online purchases for home delivery or free store pickup, which is a critical part of our ongoing efforts to create a flexible and convenient shopping experience for all customers.”

With the needs of customers going away from a traditional 'grocery store' trip, to now doing more things online including getting your groceries online for pick up or delivery. Instacart in partnership with Albertson's companies is focused on all customers having access to healthy and nutritious food, and is core to their mission and they believe that online shopping should not be a luxury.

The current plan is for Albertson's to continue to roll out EBT SNAP services to more of its online stores. To find out more about the SNAP EBT services you can go visit here. Albertson's Co. operates 2253 stores nationwide.

Texarkana has two locations of Albertson's one in Wake Village Texas at 4415 West 7th Street and one location in Texarkana Arkansas at Stateline and 39th Street.

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