The Literacy Council of Bowie and Miller County presents its 'Spelling Bee' at the Truman Arnold Center in Texarkana College Saturday at 4 PM.

This event benefits the Literacy Council of Bowie and Miller Counties. The Corporate Spelling Bee combines community philanthropy with corporate team building.

The spelling bee will be held at the Truman Arnold Center at Texarkana College and will be online. In the competition, there will be three-member teams with one alternate. The teams are allowed to collaborate with each other. The spelling teams will compete against each other in rounds that get progressively more difficult. There will be a panel of three independent judges.

In addition, the top three winners being awarded their trophies the Literary Council has some additional awards that are available for the contestants to win.

The Biggest Swarm Award is for the team with the loudest fans.

The Buzz out is for the first team that is eliminated.

The Bee Q Magazine Award is for the best-dressed team.

The Create A Buzz Award is for the team that gets the most Facebook votes.

Bee the Change Award is for the team that raises the most money.

The Spelling Bee will also feature a silent auction to help benefit the cause.

If you would like to help the Literacy Council of Bowie and Miller counties and are unable to attend the spelling bee you can donate online to help their many programs that help people in the Texarkana community.

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