The last thing anyone wants to hear is that a new violent crime is on the rise, but it's true. This one is called "Jugging". Have you heard of "Jugging" yet?

Reports have been coming in for months now about this method of robbing people, it's pretty scary, and you need to be on the lookout for it. You should also spread the word to your friends and family so they know what to look for as well.

Shocking - Jugging Warning - Canva
Shocking - Jugging Warning - Canva


Jugging is when the bad guy watches you getting money from an ATM, leaving a bank with a lot of cash, or even an expensive store with a lot of packages. They follow you to a location where they feel they have the advantage to take whatever it is from you and they pounce, in many cases violently. If you leave your vehicle in a parking lot or outside a house with the packages visible, it's pretty easy to drive up, bust out a window, snag the package and drive off. But, if it's the cash they're after then it's probably on your person and that's when it can get very dangerous, very quickly. They might follow you home and hit you in the driveway or at your front door while you're fumbling for the keys.

The crime itself is not new, it's just a new'ish slang term for this type of robbery, but it is growing in occurrences, over 84 cases have been reported in Austin, Texas this year alone, so it's worth reading up on and being prepared for, just in case.

Jugging Warning situations - Canva
Jugging Warning situations - Canva

What Can You Do?

Situational Awareness - In any self-defense course you are taught to put your phone down and keep your head on a swivel. Make mental notes of who's around you at all times, think through bad situations and come up with ideas of how you can avoid them in the first place, or God forbid, fight your way out if need be. Don't park in dark or dimly-lit areas where someone can easily sneak up on you. When possible, always travel in pairs and don't carry large sums of cash. Be hyper-aware of people around you in the bank or an ATM, and watch to see if any of them seem to be following you.

Someone following you - Canva
Someone following you - Canva

If you do suspect someone is following you, drive to the nearest police station, or to a friend or relative's house. Alert them that someone is following you so they can help you avoid the situation as well. Pull into a fire station and bang on the door if you have to.

Watch the videos below, learn and be aware.

This is not just a Texas problem, these cases are on the rise all over the US. Here's another video, this time from Los Angeles:

I have trained in self-defense both hand-to-hand combat and firearms. For months I've been working out and losing weight, getting into the best physical condition I have been in for a couple of decades. I feel pretty prepared for most situations, but the only way to stay prepared is to try to keep up with the latest bad-guy trends, that way you know what to look out for.

Remember, when you are alone, you are your own first responder. Do I recommend self-defense training? Yes, I do. Do I recommend concealed handgun training? Yes, I do. But remember, nothing is more important than your life, if you don't know what you're doing when/if confronted, the best thing to do is give up the money or the items without a fight rather than risk serious bodily harm or worse.

Let's make sure we all have a happy Holiday season and stay safe.

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