Does your refrigerator look like this? Here are three pictures of my refrigerator at home and as you can tell it is totally covered by pictures.

I have been married for 13 years and I wanted to know is your fridge covered by pictures? Is it a nice organized layout or just a hodgepodge of stuff randomly scattered out on your refrigerator?

Our fridge has pictures, kids' schoolwork, and refrigerator magnets scattered on all visible surfaces. Angie's List says that our refrigerators are a bulletin board for our home. Danille Elise Christensen, who teaches American Studies at Ohio State University and whose study topics include everyday forms of collage says.

“Like any collage, fridge door displays involve the selection and arrangement of found objects.” Christensen says. “That is, few items are created specifically for refrigerator doors except for advertising magnets, which overtly recognize the centrality of the space and the practice of attaching things to it.”

Angie's List also did an online survey that shows that 2 out of every 3 of us have a fridge covered in pictures and kid stuff. So I just did a tally of the total items on our refrigerator and the total is 103. How many pictures and other stuff do you have on your refrigerator?



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