Did you know that taking pictures on railroad tracks is actually illegal?

During one of our meetings, we were looking for a unique spot to do some photos of the air staff for the website. You know that everyone is always looking for a unique setting for their photos right? From old downtown buildings to some of the great outdoor scenic spots it looks like every good spot has been used a million times.

But someone in our office said a popular location is some of the photos I had shared was actually illegal. The photos had some people on railroad tracks. I thought it looked cool but apparently, it is illegal to do this.

After a little research, I found this on the website slrlounge.

Trespassing onto railroad property, including tracks, bridges, buildings and signal towers, is illegal. Violators are subject to a citation for trespassing. Union Pacific will seek removal from publication any photograph or video that violates this policy. For more information, see Union Pacific’s Policy for Photography and Video Recording.

So before you even consider this make sure you get the permission or better yet go to a deserted railroad spot.


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