Here is something I found that is so hard to believe I had to look it up on three different sites. Is it illegal to have an air freshener hanging from your rearview mirror in Texas?

All of us that drive cars probably have something hanging from our rearview mirror. It could be a simple parking pass, maybe a memento, or it could be one of those air fresheners, you know the ones the little trees that keep your dirty ride from smelling like week-old Whataburger. But did you know that hanging these things from your review mirror is illegal in 6 states?

Wes Spicher Townsquaremedia
Wes Spicher Townsquaremedia

This law is in effect in California, no big surprise there they have laws against almost everything. Illinois, Minnesota, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Texas, yes Texas. Virginia has it listed as illegal as well but they cannot pull you over for it as a primary offense.

So the Texas law is kind of weird and that it lists the obstruction from an item hanging on your review mirror as illegal. Here is the exact description of theTexas Transportation Code Sec. 547.613:

 Local police can legally pull you over if the items on your windshield, including stickers, are obstructing your view of the road and pose a threat to other drivers.

So does that mean if it is small it is ok? Or is that a judgment call on the police officer's part? It is so confusing to me. so I will just keep everything off of the rearview mirror to keep from getting pulled over.

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