Snakes, the very word gets most peoples skin crawling. But did you know that there are snakes you cannot kill in Arkansas?

I have been around snakes my whole life and some we know are good for you to keep around the house because of the animals they eat. Most folks would disagree with that in the fact that all snakes are bad and need to be dead, but there is something I found on statebystategardening that may surprise you.

The state of Arkansas has classified two snakes as in Imperiled in the state. First up is the Common Wormsnake. I have never seen one..ever but it is illegal to kill this snake. This snake is the one we all know and is considered imperiled in the state of Arkansas. The Western Diamondback Rattle Snake.

Here is the exact wording on it being illegal to kill these snakes.

All native snakes, including venomous snakes, are protected by law and are illegal to kill unless they ‘pose reasonable threat or endangerment to persons or property’ on your private property, according to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission wildlife code.

So make nice with your local rattlesnake, but it does not say anything about Copper Heads.


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