Drive-in movie theaters are unfortunately the dinosaur of my youth. If you ask someone if they know about them, most people know what you are talking about, but sadly many have never been to one.

We did ask the question this morning on Facebook and surprisingly most of those that responded said they have been to a drive-in.

Power 95-9 Facebook
Power 95-9 Facebook

I remember going to the old Joy Twin Drive-in theater in Nash. I was only 11 so I don't remember much, but it was everything you see on TV. reports that there are only 338 outdoor theaters left in America. I wanted to see if there were any close in Texas you can visit before the summer is over.

The Sky Vue Drive-in theater in Tyler, Texas is open every night, except Thursdays and plays the latest releases and shows the old school in double feature forms. The usual movie foods like popcorn and cold drinks are available as well, but their specialty is fresh hand made pizzas.

Apache Drive-In

The Apache Drive-in is in Tyler, Texas, and as you can see in the photo is an adult theater showing xxx movies.

The Galaxy Drive-in

The Galaxy Drive-in Theatre  is in Ennis, and is open every day and has seven screens showing the latest releases. Ticket prices are just seven bucks and that is for a double feature. They even show 3d movies.

If you know of any other drive-in theaters close by please let us know in the comments.

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