HandsOn Texarkana's mantra is "Serving our Community through Volunteerism" and they are looking for volunteers in Texarkana.

The needs are great in our community and there are many volunteer opportunities for you to consider here in Texarkana and the surrounding areas. Please take a moment to explore our website and discover your volunteer place.

HandsonTexarkaka needs volunteer drivers for its senior transportation program. This program provides transportation for seniors to doctor visits and general transportation needs of seniors in our area. Cathey Graves said that the program has been active for 36 years and provides transportation for those who cannot get on a bus or afford an Uber or a cab. The main benefit is helping to get in and out of the car to take care of day-to-day needs.

HandsonTexarkana also has openings for volunteers in the following areas, general volunteer opportunities, the homeless, help the elderly, children, and youth, emergency training, help with medical patients, office assistance, and other miscellaneous volunteer opportunities. They also have volunteer opportunities for youth through their Youth Volunteer Organization.

To find out more please contact Cathey Graves on the HandsonTexarkana website, here.


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