Texas Governor Greg Abbott delivered his semi-annual State of the State address Thursday night, February 16, 2023, in San Marcos, Texas before an enthusiastic crowd.

During his opening remarks the Governor said that the State of the State has "never been more exceptional." His remarks were presented live from the manufacturing floor of a company called Noveon, a rare earth element processing company.

The governor spent about 35 minutes pointing out the good things happening in the state and things he feels need to be worked on during this legislative session:

  • Texas has added 1.9 million jobs during his tenure.
  • Number one home for Fortune 500 headquarters.
  • $2 trillion economy makes Texas the ninth-largest economy in the world.
  • Ranked the number one state for business since he was elected.
State of the State 2023 flag- Office of the Governor
State of the State 2023 flag- Office of the Governor

Things Abbott wants during this legislature:

  • To reward community colleges that produce skilled, employable Texans.
  • To return money to Texans through largest property tax cut in state history.
  • Will soon announce a $100 billion plan to build transportation infrastructure.
  • To build a power grid strong enough to power Texas for the next century.
  • Introduce an emergency item to end COVID restrictions in Texas forever.
  • Parental Bill of Rights so that parents stay up to date on what their child is being taught in our schools.
  • Parents deserve school choice through state-funded Education Savings Accounts.
  • School Safety mandated compliance with standards, and provide more mental health professionals in our schools.
  • Pass laws that keep dangerous criminals behind bars and hold accountable judges who let them out.
  • Mandatory minimum 10-year sentences for criminals who illegally possess guns.
  • House and Senate are proposing another $4.6 billion to strengthen our border security efforts.
  • Mandatory minimum jail sentences of at least 10 years for anyone caught smuggling illegal immigrants in Texas.
  • Call fentanyl deaths what they are, poisonings, and prosecute them as murders.
Governor Greg Abbott - State of the State 2023 - Office of the Governor
Governor Greg Abbott - State of the State 2023 - Office of the Governor

There's more, you can watch the full speech below. Our thanks to Fox26 in Houston for carrying the full address and making it available on YouTube for the rest of us.

If you would prefer to read the speech, here is the full text.

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