Gift returns are a big business. Most people will be spending a lot of time in lines this week trying to get money, store credit or exchange unwanted or broken items. There are even websites to exchange gifts with other unhappy folks.

My husband works in retail, he has many stories about returns. He told me that on Saturday a man brought a half unwrapped gift in to exchange. Half unwrapped?! Gesh. Did the guy start opening it and say 'this sucks so bad I don't want to even finish unwrapping it'? To make it even better he said his daughter gave it to him. I sure hope she wasn't there when he unwrapped the gift.

A view rules to remember:

1. Have patience. Each store has different policies so don't get upset if they are unable to do what you want. Just roll with it.

2. Do not open the package or box if you know you are going to return it.

3. Do not take tags off of clothing.

4. If it is broke, ask the giver for a gift receipt so you can exchange it easily.

5. Most stores have return deadlines so do not delay.

6. Take your ID in with you. I learned this the hard way. Kyle at a store I won't mention was none too happy that I didn't have an ID on me. He was so rude that he wouldn't even finish my transaction, he sent someone else over to do it. Kyle, you were a jackwagon!

I don't have anything that I want to exchange. The last time I exchanged something was because I wound up with two of the same thing. It was earrings. I exchanged them for another set. I made out pretty good on that deal since the set I fell in love with was about $30 more than the original gift but my hubby being the wonderfully sweet man he is said not to worry about it and just get what I wanted. I have worn it every day since so I guess it was a good investment. (insert smiley face here)

Do you have any gifts to exchange?