Walmart Announces New Black Friday Experience This Year
Fall just touched down, and Walmart is already making plans for the holidays.  Like pretty much every thing in 2020, COVID-19 is shaping what is typically the busiest day of the year for retail -  Black Friday. Walmart's Black Friday will be a lot different this year due to the p…
Will You Go Out To Eat Or Shop?
Now that restaurants and businesses are open in Texarkana, Texas, I asked on our Facebook page would you go out to eat of go shopping today, and here are just some of the answers.
Texarkana is growing. New business and restaurants are opening up but what about grocery stores? For years it's been Albertsons, Walmart and Super One. Oh, and of course those rumors of HEB coming to town. Yes, those are still rumors.
Farmers Christmas Market in Downtown Texarkana
'Tis the season to buy local as the Texarkana, Texas Farmers Market hosts its second annual Christmas Market in Downtown Texarkana on Monday, December 7, from 5-7PM. Shop right before the Christmas Parade rolls down Broad Street.
Not All Processed Foods are Bad for You
Good news! Not all processed foods are bad for you to eat. I had pretzels for an appetizer last night and while they aren't listed on the good or the bad list below, I know they are not the worst but also not the best choice to munch on. Here are the foods to keep and the ones to avoid.
With the official start of summer, it may be time to replace those old broken, uncool-looking sunglasses.

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