Get signed up now for the new 'Women's Basketball League' in Texarkana.

There is a new basketball league in Texarkana for women that still love the game and are looking for a great way to get some exercise and build some friendships through the love of this great game. Stephanie Soloman who is the spark behind this new league had this to say about the new league:

I wanted to have an organization that let ladies that enjoy basketball have a place to get together for a little friendly competition. There are a lot of ladies out there that still have it and I want to bring them together for some fun and to let ladies know that there is a place for you.

Stephanie Soloman
Stephanie Soloman

The ladies' basketball league will be made up of ladies from 40 to 60 years of age. They meet at the Southwest Center in Texarkana Texas. This is one of the facilities that is run by the city of Texarkana. The Southwest Center is located at 722 West 7th. Street in Texarkana Texas.

The new league is not only looking for players but also coaches and referees. If you would like to find out more or to get registered to play or even be a coach or referee you can contact Stephaine Soloman at 903 559 7560, or you can email her

Applications are available at the Southwest Center for you to pick up. But you need to hurry the deadline to get signed up is August 12th.

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