Early Saturday morning the smell of hickory, pecan, and even a hint of cherry wood smoke drifted through the streets of Downtown Texarkana with the Fourth Annual BBQ Cook-off.

This year the cook-off was sponsored by Big Jakes BBQ in Texarkana. Teams competed in two categories for cash and glory, Ribs and Chicken. Each team turned in one rack of ribs and a half-chicken to the judges and waited for the results. (Which I'm thinking the beer eventually kicked in because I still haven't gotten all of the official results.)

I know that the first place team in Chicken was Bubba's Krewe BBQ...

Bubba's Krewe BBQ - #1 BBQ Chicken

I do know my buddy Benson and Handsome Jack BBQ Company came in first in the Rib category. (He and I cooked in the very first BBQ competition downtown, wat back 2004 and came in first place. I ain't calling any names but one BBQ company in town up and quit in shame.) Well, each year since Railfest started he has gotten closer in ribs... third, then second, so it's good to see Handsome Jack in first place... buy the sauce... and share it with me.

Handsome Jack BBQ - #1 Ribs

Now is the time to start getting your plans together to get involved in the next BBQ Cook-Off. We know everyone of you are BBQ geniuses and we want to see just how good you do it. Cheers to all of the teams that came out and participated in the cook-off this year making it a huge success.

With the BBQ cook-off, Railfest daytime activities, the auto show, the Better Block Texarkana project all going on at the sane time Downtown was as busy as it has been in a very long time.

We will post the official results when everybody recoups from the after party...