Check out this drone footage of Downtown Texarkana. My friend Eric has a created a sequel to his Drone footage of Texarkana. I did a story about it here. The second part of this footage gives a a roof top views of some popular building in the downtown area.

From the new pavilion at Bobby Furgeson park to the unbelievable view of the new paint job on the water tower near Interstate 30 in Texarkana. Eric's views of these Texarkana landmarks keep me coming back to see what he has to post up next.

I am new to the drone stuff and I am just now getting used to flying my new drone. I am looking at some neat stuff to film. What do you want to see in terms of drone footage. Comment on the article and I will do the most popular responses. My drone skills are not as good as Eric but I hope I can use your input to practice and get some breath taking footage as well.

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