I found this great drone video of Lake Texarkana from the spillway that looks breath taking.

Wright Patman Lake or Lake Texarkana is one of the lakes that made my story "What is Your Favorite Summer Time Lake Spot?". I am a life long resident of Texarkana and I have been to the spillway many times and this view taken at sunset offers a whole new perspective of the lake.

In my youth we have actually slid down the grassy slopes in the winter really tempting fate. I also remember some folks that actually used to hang glide from the spillway and surrounding area.

Being an amateur drone pilot I am truly in awe of the quality of this video. My videos tend to be lower to the ground not giving you this wide expanse of view this video has. I guess I need to hone my skills and get braver in how high I fly my drone to get better quality video.

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