How long has it been since you went spelunking? It's been a couple of years for me, but I know a place in Arkansas that gives you an opportunity to do just that, or, you can do the regular tour as we did, it's pretty cool too. This is the Cosmic Cavern, located in Berryville, Arkansas, and it is, "Worth the Drive". 

Cosmic Cavern is about a 20-minute drive east from Eureka Springs, Arkansas, so while my wife and I were up there on vacation a couple of years ago we decided to do the tour. Pretty typical cave with stalactites and stalagmites and soda straws and beautiful flowing sediment formations. It is a "live cavern" which means the flow of water from above and below the cavern is still growing and changing all the time, so you try very hard to not touch anything.

Cosmic Cavern - Berryville, AR - JimWeaver
Cosmic Cavern - Berryville, AR - JimWeaver

The tour guides are very good and entertaining, it was a fun experience. It was also the first time my wife has been on a cave tour like that, who knew? I think she really enjoyed it. I've been lucky enough to go on several cavern tours in my life, most in Texas, this was not the best or biggest, but it was good and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

They offer what they call a "High Adventure Tour" after hours. It promises to test your skills, climbing, squeezing through places that maybe I can fit, but I don't wanna. They promise that you will get wet and dirty. Just because I can fit, doesn't necessarily mean I should.

Cosmic Caverns is two thumbs-up from us!

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Cosmic Caverns - Berryville, Arkansas

Looking for a spelunking adventure or just a great tour, especially in the heat of summer, have we found a cave for you in northern Arkansas near Eureka Springs.

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