Jim Weaver

Top 5 Thanksgiving Side-Dishes in Arkansas/Texas That Have To Go
I love Thanksgiving, I love getting together with family and friends and stuffing our faces, loosening our belts afterward, and nodding off while the Cowboys beat the heck out somebody, anybody. But as I sit here and think about the preparations for the upcoming Turkey Day I do come to the same conclusion, there are at least 5 Thanksgiving side dishes that have got to go.
Anti-Olympic TV Ideas From Weaver & Wife
My wife is not a sports fan, at all really, I am and do enjoy watching the Olympic Games and cheering on Team USA, but after a few hours of swimming, biking, weight lifting and such, I need something else to watch for while. So, my wife and I thought we would share a list of some good TV to watch that literally has nothing to do with sports. There are a few on here I haven't seen yet either, but t
Texas Governor Declares ERCOT Reform An Emergency Item on Legislative Agenda – Ya Think? [Opinion]
Did you know... there is such a thing as the Electric Reliability Council of Texas? Commonly referred to as ERCOT, this is apparently the governing body in Texas over preparedness and energy needs within the state. I think we can safely say that this 'governing body' fumbled this current deep freeze emergency rather badly as we still have millions of Texans with no power for over 24 hours and no r
The Empress of Little Rock BnB – One Tank Trips
When planning our trip I asked my wife to find us a place to stay at the halfway point between Branson and Texarkana so we could have one more night on the road and break up the drive a little. She found a gem near downtown Little Rock that we had never heard of before, a Bed & Breakfast called "The Hornibrook Mansion, Empress of Little Rock," and it was fantastic.