It's the last weekend in January and if you are a chili fan there is some cool stuff for you to do in Texarkana this weekend.

1. Live music in Texarkana. There are some great bands to check out. From the acoustic sounds of Texarkana Favorite, Relentless, and the classic sounds of The Rewind Band, you can check out some great local bands. Remember that Arkansas clubs must close at 11 pm so showtimes will be a little earlier.

2. How about getting outdoors to walk the dog? If you are a current or past client of Muttworks there will be a dog-walking event tonight and tomorrow afternoon.

3. 19th Annual Celebration of African American Artists Exhibit.  This event is tomorrow at noon at the Texarkana Regional Arts and Humanities Council building.

4. Texarkana's Favorite Comfort Food. Don't feel like going out. Check out this list for eh favorite comfort food from all 50 states.

5. Chilli Cookoffs in our area. There are two chili cookoff scheduled for the weekend. One benefits the Texarkana Homeless Commission. And the other is for the best Chili in Texarkana on Saturday.

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