There are plenty of people out there who rely on comfort food to get them through stressful times in their life. Being in lockdown and the COVID-19 situation made these 'comfort foods' more important. But I wanted to know what is your favorite comfort food?

Here are the comfort foods That got us through 2020

Alabama Cheese Grits
Alaska Cinnamon Rolls
Arizona Chicken and Waffles
Arkansas Chicken and Dumplings
California Grilled Cheese
Colorado Chili
Connecticut Strawberry Shortcake
Delaware Fried Chicken
District of Columbia Chicken lo Mein
Florida Corn Beef Hash
Georgia Fried Chicken
Hawaii Cheesecake
Idaho Pot Roast
Illinois Grilled Cheese
Indiana Biscuits and Gravy
Iowa Monkey Bread
Kansas Baked Potato Soup
Kentucky Chicken and Dumplings
Louisiana Fried Chicken
Maine Chocolate Chip Cookies
Maryland Grilled Cheese
Massachusetts Strawberry Shortcake
Michigan Chicken Noodle Soup
Minnesota Swedish Meatballs
Mississippi Jambalaya
Missouri Baked Potato Soup
Montana Tomato Soup
New England Chicken Noodle Soup
Nevada Chicken and Waffles
New Hampshire Stuffing
New Jersey Grilled Cheese
New Mexico Chili
New York Grilled Cheese
North Carolina Chicken and Waffles
Ohio Chili
Oklahoma Pecan Pie
Oregon Corn Cakes
Pennsylvania Stuffing
Rhode Island Pizza
South Carolina Shrimp and Grits
South Dakota Pot Roast
Tennessee Chess Pie
Texas Fried Chicken
Utah Mashed Potatoes
Vermont Banana Bread
Virginia Grilled Cheese
Washington Swedish Pancakes
West Virginia Meatloaf
Wisconsin Chicken and Mushroom Soup
Wyoming Pot Roast

What is your number one comfort food? What is your weirdest comfort food?

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