Cableone subscribers will have to do without Viacom's cable channels including MTV, Comedy Centrtal, Nickelodeon, TvLand, Spike, CMT and VH1.The issues are not just about money. Cableone is also upset at the level of content Viacom puts on the Web for free.

That means Cabelone subscribers around the country may have to get used to life without "Dora the Explorer," The Daily Show"and other popular programs from Viacom's networks.

At issue are price increases Viacom wants to extract from Cableone to keep carrying its cable channels.

The negotiations will determine whether Cable One will continue carrying Viacom's 15 networks -- BET, Centric, CMT, Comedy Central, MTV, MTV2, MTV Hits, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Nick Teen, Nick Toons, Spike, TV LAND, VH-1, and VH-1 Classic -- after the contract expires Monday.

"We have been negotiating diligently with Viacom over the past few days in the hopes of coming to a reasonable agreement before our contract expires," Might said. "Despite our best efforts, Viacom is still asking for a rate increase greater than 100 percent to continue carrying all 15 of their networks, even though the ratings are down since 2010 on 12 of their networks.

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