How are you doing today? Glad that Tax Day is behind us and we can move on to other things? I know I am glad that is the case, but the stress of everyday life can get to you. I am going to the gym at least 4 days a week to handle the stress of everyday life. My job has gotten more stressful over the past few months, but going to the gym and working with my trainer Casey has made me a lot less stressed.

Wallethub did a story on the most stressed states and Arkansas made the top 6 in the country! The study focused on a few factors including stress from work, money, family, and of course health-related stress.When it comes to work-related stress Arkansas is pretty low but it is top five in money and health-related stress giving it a 6th most stressed out state in the United States.
Here are the most stressed states. Number one will surprise you.

1. Louisiana

2. New Mexico

3. West Virginia

4. Mississippi

5. Nevada

And the least stressed states.

47. South Dakota

48. Iowa

49. Utah

50. North Dakota

51. Minnesota

Oh, and if you are curious, Texas is number 18.

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