Are you having Thanksgiving at home or somewhere else? We asked that very question on Facebook and the answers were pretty divided down the middle.

Power959 Facebook
Power959 Facebook

In a recent story, AAA says there will be over 54 million people on the road this holiday season. The total travelers include those flying and driving. This will be the highest total travelers since 2005.

That number may seem large to you but with the total population of the United States at 325 million that is only about 16 percent of the population that will be traveling on the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

My family used to travel a long way to celebrate Thanksgiving. The trips to Oklahoma were over three hours one way to see my Grandma Spicher. Now since I am married the trip is only about 30 minutes to get to 'Granny Sue's' house.

Will you be traveling for Thanksgiving or will everybody be coming to your house?

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