There is a little hidden gem in Texarkana I had no idea about and it is literally hidden in 'plane' view.

Turner's Army surplus is on my route to one of the transmitter sites and I have always noticed the big airplane out front. The plane is an F 111 and was used as a trainer.

Wes Spicher Townsquaremedia
Wes Spicher Townsquaremedia

Mr. Turner told me.

The plane has been here for about 20 or so years, I have bought parts for it to make it a complete outer shell, so it looks nice. He also told me about the business and the fact that it had been there 30 years and the plane in front of the business has been his calling card.

The store has your typical military surplus from clothing to patches even some ammo cans and such, but it was a small door to the right of the front counter that caught my attention.

Mr. Turner told me it was his military museum and that anyone can check it out. Once I went in I had to share a small video of a walk around the place and it was very cool. Check out the video.

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