The Museum Of Natural History presents 'Our Voices Our Stories' on Saturday from 10 am until 5 pm.

The Museum of Natural History is located at 219 North Stateline in Texarkana. This is what the Texarkana Museum Systems had to say about this event:

Texarkana Museums System will be scanning memorabilia brought in by the public and hosting interviews to create audio records of those who wish to share their history. Everyone has a story to tell, a memory to share, or a lesson to teach.
This is a chance for you to share some of your history or even local history or artifacts you may have to be shared with generations to come.

The Museum of Natural History is just one of the many great places where you and your children can experience the great history of Texarkana. The Texarkana Museum systems also have the following places for you to check out.

Discovery Place Interactive Museum is a fun place to learn about the wonders of life. You can experience their sound wall and musical Tesla coils, and the Tinkering Studio. The Discovery Place Interactive Museum is located at 215 Pine Street in Texarkana.

The Ace of Clubs Home also known as the Draughon-Moore home was built in 1885 in the shape of a club from playing cards. The story and legend are that this home was built from the winnings in a poker game and that the winning hand had an ace of clubs in it.

For more information call (903) 793 4831.

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