"Sparks In The Park" is the annual fireworks show in Texarkana and I thought we needed to share five things that you may not know about this great family friendly event.

1. The event is free.  "Sparks in the Park' is held at the Four States Fairgrounds and  admission is free, and so is the parking. There are free games for the kids to do leading up to the fireworks show. Just look for the radio stations tents and find out what game you want to play and everyone gets prizes just for playing. There will be a charge for rides in the monster truck.

2.This year it will be on June 24th. This is something we get questions all the time. Why do you do the show on a day other than the July 4th? We want to have a rain out day in case of bad weather. With this date we can get more volunteers for the event an that means more neat things for you to do like bounce houses and games, including the big sand box. It also allows our police department to have a large number of officers to make sure we are all safe. On July 4th, they have to increase patrols on roads and of course more fireworks calls keep them busy and they would be spread too thin.

3. Please no animals at the event. We can not stress this enough. The fireworks scare the animals and it would be wise for you to also make sure your animals at home have a 'safe place' to go during the show. If you kids are scared of big noises and booms make sure to bring ear plugs or ear muffs to make the fireworks an enjoyable experience without all of the big booms that may scare them.

4. You can hear the fireworks music on our sister station Eagle 106.3. We play the music that the fireworks are coordinated to on Texarkana's Classic Rock Station Eagle 106.3. Just tune in your radio to the station or you can listen with our Radio Pup app on your phone or tablet.

5. You Could sing the National Anthem at 'Sparks in the Park'. We are teaming up with the Texarkana Gazette to let you have a chance to sing the National Athem. Just go here for all of the details.

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