With all of the school choices for people in the Texarkana area to choose from, I found an interesting website that ranks schools wherever you live that might make picking a school a little easier for some parents. 

After looking at the website for the Texarkana area, I noticed many of the schools have a grade of at least six or above. The maximum, or best score is 10, which shows that many Texarkana schools rank pretty high.

Here are the top five ranked schools in Texarkana, according  to the GreatSchools website. Just remember, if you don’t see your school listed, that doesn’t mean the school did anything wrong or that it isn't a great school.

1. Genoa Central Elementary School:  GreatSchools Rating of 10.

2. Red Lick Elementary School GreatSchools Rating of 10.

3. Martha And Josh Morris Math and Engineering School: GreatSchools Rating of 10.

4. Gary E. Cobb Middle School: GreatSchools Rating of 9.

5. Pleasant Grove Middle School: GreatSchools Rating of 9.


According to the GreatSchools ratings section of its website:

The foundation of the GreatSchools rating reflects how well students do on standardized tests compared to other students in the state, and ratings in most states are based exclusively on test scores. While test results give parents a good sense of how well students are performing at a given school, it only provides a limited snapshot of school quality.