With school starting in the next week, I found a website that takes the guess work out of where to send your child to school.

The website Great Schools has a complete listing for the Texarkana area based on your zip code. The scoring system is pretty easy to read, the maximum, or best score is 10, which shows that many Texarkana schools rank pretty high.

Here are the top five ranked schools in the Texarkana, according  to the Great Schools website. Just remember, if you don’t see your school listed, that doesn’t mean the school did anything wrong or that it isn't a great school.

1.  With a perfect score of 10.

Martha And Josh Morris Math and Engineering School4826 North Park Road, Texarkana, TX.

2. Two Schools tied with a score of 8.

Red Lick Middle School, 3511 FM Drive, Texarkana, TX.

Genoa Central Elementary School. 12018 Hwy 196, Texarkana, AR

4. Four Schools are tied with a 7 score.

Pleasant Grove Middle School, 5605 Cooks Lane, Texarkana, TX.

Pleasant Grove Intermediate School, 8480 North Kings Highway, Texarkana, TX.

Gary E. Cobb Middle School, 11986 Hwy 196, Texarkana, AR.

Nash Elementary School, 100 East Burton Street, Nash, TX.


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