I have written about restaurants that we have lost over the years and of course, we talk all the time about what restaurant needs to go in an old restaurant building. But what about what restaurants we really need in Texarkana?

After looking at some of our past Facebook posts here are the top five restaurants we need in Texarkana.

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Jack in The Box

Always a big mention on our lists, this burger place has a couple of locations close to us in Longview and this is the Gilmer Texas location. Every time I am in Gilmer to ride Jeeps at the Barnwell off-road park a stop to Jack in the Bow is mandatory. Sourdough Cheeseburger or Tacos are what we have to eat.

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TGI Fridays

No trip to Dallas or Arlington for that matter would not be complete with a trip to TGI Fridays. With some unique menu items that they will still make for you like their 'Hot Sicilian Sandwich'. This is the Little Rock location.

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Dave and Busters

This place is all about the atmosphere. The food is ok but it is all about the games. Tons of games and a place where you can be a kid. My two kids love it and I wish it would consider coming here. But the last time I spoke to someone from their head office we are just too small of a town for them to build one here. Maybe one day that will change.

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Panera Bread

There have been rumors for the past years that we would be getting one of these restaurants. From wonderful soups and salads to some great flatbread pizzas, a quick look at their menu has my mouth-watering. Who knows maybe we will get one soon.

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This restaurant is known for its big portions and some of the best seafood you will find. With great Louisana-inspired recipes from po boys to the salmon burger, this place is a seafood lovers paradise.

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Bonus this is the restaurant most people want to bring back to Texarkana. Johnny Carino's. This country Italian restaurant was a favorite and one of my go-to restaurants.

Did we leave one off of the list? Let us know what restaurants we need to add.

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