Aww, the good old days. I know this is a cheesy opening but this story is about the good old days when Texarkana had three movie theaters and a zoo at Spring Lake Park.

This is a list of businesses your parent used to shop at and are now gone. Or if you are a little older like I am you may actually remember these businesses.

Piggly Wiggly Did you know that at its peak there were three locations of this grocery store chain in Texarkana? There was one in the shopping center in Liberty Eyalu next to the three-screen movie theater and Gibson's, and of course the big cow in front of Bonanza. One in College Hill and another location just off the corner of 7th street and Lake Drive.

Burman Pharr A fixture in downtown Texarkana for years it was the place for hardware and other gifts you could only find there. It closed in 2003 and is now lofts available for you to rent.

Howard's Had a location on New Boston Road where the flea market is now behind Burger King. It was a big retail chain like Wal-Mart.

Gibsons is the store was where I got one of my first Hot Wheel cars. It was located on Highway 59 next to the movie theater and Piggly Wiggly. It even had ice cream, and you could get a scoop while your parents were shopping. The building is still there sitting empty.

Payless Cashways was a home improvement store that my dad shopped at every weekend looking for things to fix up the house. It could be basic wood of a new toilet, they had what you were looking for. It was located on Robison Road and is now a storage building place.

Collins and Williams were a boy's and men's clothing store. It was located in downtown Texarkana until 1986 then moved to Richmond road where it finally shut its doors in 2011. Any boy in cub scouts or boy scouts went there to get their uniform.

Safeway this grocery store chain had two locations on Texarkana. One on the corner of Summerhill and 40th street in Texarkana Texas. It was at one time Ellis Home and Garden. Its second location was in the College Hill Shopping Center.

Western Auto I actually got my first jam box radio at this store that was located in the shopping center just off of New Boston Road and Robison Road. It was right behind where Kentuck Fried Chicken is located now.

TG&Y is Located right off of the corner of Summerhill and New Boston road, this was one of the first department stores I remember as a kid. Buddy's rentals is located there now.

Davey's Locker This was the store in Central Mall where I bought my first cassette. The store was wild, you could look for the music behind glass through little holes. When you found the cassette you liked you dropped it on a conveyor belt that would take it up to the register.


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