My day started rough at 3:45 a.m. I was NOT excited about jumping out of bed. But how is it that my banana got burned this morning?

I knew it was going to be a challenging day when I tried to open the dog's gate and it was frozen shut. There was ice on everything this morning: the front porch steps, the guide rail and unfortunately for Ranger my German shepherd, the ramp from the back porch to the backyard was super slippery. He jumped up on the ramp in his usual excited, happy, jumping-running way and SWOOP, he fell onto his side and kept on sliding. I watched him try to process what just happened. My thoughts, "why not just use the stairs that are right beside the ramp?" but not Ranger. He was bound and determined to use the ramp so he spun around to get some momentum and gave it another try. He jumped to the top and made it on his second try.

In my attempt to repent for all of my bad eating this weekend, I brought a banana to work for a mid-morning snack. Around here you must watch your food closely or it may be mistaken for community food and eaten so I put my banana on a little toaster oven that I brought to the office a few years ago. I am usually the only person that uses the oven. I use it as a place to dry my mixer container after I blend my breakfast shake. The coffee pot was not functioning properly this morning so half-asleep people were trying to figure out the issue and someone mistook the oven cord for the coffee pot cord. My yellow banana was brown by the time I got to it four hours later. It was practically turned to liquid!

Plan B was to have an apple for a snack. I stopped to try to figure out that damn coffee pot situation and our receptionist turned to show me something in her cup of coffee and whoosh, there went my apple to the floor. Bruised and squishy apples are not good snacks.

Mimi Campbell/Townsquare Media

My mixer won't be easy to use without a lid now. It got the super melt treatment on top of the oven with the banana. Hmmm, is it time for bed yet?