The name you pick for your pet is a reflection of your personality. Read below to see which category you fall under.

If you name your pet George, Max, Sally, Sophie or another human name, you are a warm, nurturing person who considers your pet a member of the family. You are attentive to your pet's needs and you give your pet a lot of affection just like you do with your other family members.

Scruffy, Tripper, Digger or any other name that matches the appearance of your pet means you are an easy going person with a practical outlook.

Marshal Dillon, Festus, Marilyn Monroe or any famous names shows you are a self-assured person who loves flaunting your knowledge of pop culture. You have a confident air that attracts people with the same flair.

If you go for an old fashioned name like Fido, Sparky or Spike, you have a terrific imagination, creative side and an infectious sense of humor.

If you like unique names, you are an extrovert who loves to be the center of attention and giving your pet an offbeat name is a sure way to gain the spotlight. People are so intrigued, you find yourself in spontaneous conversations wherever you go.

I use famous names or unique names for my rescued dogs because I know the new adoptive family will probably change their name anyway. Of course, when I had Moe, Curly and Larry, I believe all of the new families kept their names the same!