Today is "Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day." While is probably isn't practicable to wear your PJs today, this is a great time to analyze what your choice in bedtime apparel says about you.

Here's what you wear to bed reveals your personality:


Nightgowns -- Sensual, sensitive and romantic, neat, orderly and meticulous about your appearance.

Pajamas -- You're a warm, caring and very practical.

Teddies -- You like to be coddled and pampered.

T-shirts -- Generous and warm, you make friends easily. You are playful in your relationship. People confide in you, knowing you're trustworthy.

Naked -- You are spontaneous and independent. You are very trusting and like openness.


Pajamas -- You're a no-nonsense kind of guy, straightforward and hardworking and you enjoy rugged outdoor activities.

Boxer Shorts/Briefs -- You are a detail person who likes order in your life. You are also warm and friendly.

Naked -- You are confident, creative, high-spirited and quick-tempered.