If you didn't get to watch the big game, here is your opportunity to see all of the commercials. The Bridgestone Reply All ad was pretty hilarious, especially if you have ever accidentally hit reply all instead of just reply.  Joan Rivers head was on top of a hot body for the GoDaddy ad, that was scary and gross all at the same time.  There were a few that I didn't really get: Budweiser's Tiny Dancer or Motorola Zoom.  Volkswagen's Darth Vader Kid was pretty cute.  CareerBuilder.com's Chimps was kind of a dud to me.  The first quarter took the cake for me with the Bud Light Hack Job and the Doritos Pug.  Overall I think that Doritos took the day. What were your favorites?  Do you have a clear winner of the day?  Click here to see the commercials and then let us know your favorite.