Is This The Shortest Fireworks Show Ever?
Fireworks are a big deal here in Texarkana with the annual 'Sparks in the Park' show that usually lasts about 20 minutes, but this show from San Diego lasted a whopping 15 seconds.
The Don Cheadles – Tired of Swiping
If you missed KVKI's Kidd Kraddick Morning Show this week, you missed Big Al's return to the band The Don Cheadles and their new song, Tired of Swiping!
Texarkana Kitty Vs. Toilet Paper in Funny Video
If you own a cat then you know they are funny creatures. Most of the time when we see our cats doing something funny we just can't seem to grab our phone or camera fast enough to get it on video. Lucky for us, I have a friend that was quick to grab her phone and catch her cat unrolling a r…
I Don’t Want My Wife to Quit!
Let's face it, relationships are tough and there are a ton of layers... What happens when the woman is the bread winner in a relationship? How does that affect the male/female dynamic?

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