Children are swearing a lot more these days and it seems they are starting at a younger age. How young was your child when you heard the first potty-word?

What was the first swear word your child said?

Did you watch ABC's Modern Family episode where Mitch and Cam's daughter Lily learned to say one of the seven dirty words and used it in the middle of a wedding ceremony? Children are like mini-recorders, they repeat what they hear and sometimes we really wish they wouldn't listen so closely.

According to a new study, children are learning to swear earlier than before. Timothy Jay, a psychology professor at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, has been studying swearing for 30 years. Can you just imagine what he has heard over the years?! Professor Jay found that the average age that bad words start popping out of our kids' mouths is between three and four. This is much earlier than kids did a few decades ago.

Swearing peaks in our teenage years, but that could be changing if Professor Jay's new data proves to hold true. Our tweens could soon become the biggest potty-mouths of all.

The professor doesn't blame TV and movies. He blames the adults.


Do you swear often or do you watch what you say around your kids?

Where was the most embarrassing place your child said a swear word?