You have to be a friend to have a friend.  Take this fun quiz to find out what makes you such a good friend:

If a buddy had the flu, you would?

A. Take over DVDs and magazines to entertain her.

B. Bring her bottles of echinacea and vitamin C.

C. Deliver a pot of your best chicken soup.

A fun evening with friends includes?

A. Dressing to the nines and hitting a nightclub.

B. Dinner at a cozy cafe and lots of girl talk.

C. Inviting everyone over for dinner and a chick flick.

Before your best pal leaves for a big night out, you?

A. Lend her accessories to liven up her outfit.

B. Suggest she wear a classic black dress.

C. Pull a striking ensemble together from her closet.

If you won a windfall in a contest, you would?

A. Spend the money on yourself and your loved ones.

B. Invest the cash.

C. Spend a bit but save the bulk.

Analysis time:

Mostly "A" - You believe life is just a bowl of cherries, and you spread sunshine wherever you go.  Your friends also cherish your bubbly sense of humor.

Mostly "B" - You're always available to give wise advice to your pals.  But you're never preachy.  Instead, you effortlessly come up with solutions to thorny dilemmas.

Mostly "C" - You're a terrific listener, and you easily put yourself in the other person's shoes.  Friends know they can depend on your strength and love when they need it most.