I panicked when I realized that my driver's license had expired. To make matters worse, it had been expired for months! 

But if you have an expired license don't panic like I did. It happens more often than you would think. It happened to me and not just by a day, a week or a month. My license expired the beginning of December and I did not notice it until mid-March!

Unfortunately, I waited until 3:55 p.m. on a Friday to get my license renewed. When I walked into the Texarkana Division of the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration at 402 Pecan Street the place was packed. I took a number. It was number 49 and they were currently on number 6.

The hours on the door said closing time was 4:30 p.m. I either had to pile in with the rest of the last-minute people and wait or chance a weekend of knowingly driving with an expired driver's license. I had fixed my hair and makeup in preparation for the photo so I decided to stay and wait, not that any of that mattered because the photo would still be terrible. Who takes a good ID photo?

Thankfully, the person behind the desk at the driver's license place did not give me a lecture and there wasn't a fine for being so forgetful. I took an eye exam and a new photo. They asked me to sign something--did you know it was illegal to drive and talk on the phone in Arkansas without a hands-free device? So not only was I driving around with an expired license but I was also breaking the law -- daily.

My next stop was the phone store to purchase a Bluetooth device.