My DVR has died so now is a perfect time to make some changes to my television service plan and even possibly my provider. I have not updated my channel plan in a few years.

I am currently a subscriber to DirectTV. Do you have any suggestions for me?

With a digital antenna I could watch local channels live. Antennas start as low as $35. But then what about the rest of the channels. There is the new Genie with DirectTV that lets you do so much without having a box in every room. That's kind of nice but after the first year the cost goes up substantially and then I am right back where I started, paying too much for TV. Amazon has a service now too but it requires broadband internet. I only have mobile Wifi through Verizon. Other options are Hulu Plus or Netflix but I believe they also require broadband internet.

There is just SO much out there to sift through. My goal is to get a service for the TV shows that we enjoy watching without breaking the bank. I need something that will work for the whole family. I like to watch local channels, Animal Planet and the National Geographic channels--the rest I can take or leave. My husband likes football, college and NFL, old Westerns and FX. Then we have two children, ages 7 and 14, that will want to watch the usually programs and channels geared toward their age groups.

Do you have any suggestions?