I had a chance to go to Hooks Junior High School this past Friday morning. It was much to my surprise that the teacher's class I would be in would be a friend from the past. Mrs. Hatton and I have known each other for over 30 years. I had a very captive audience, talking about different jobs in radio from the DJ side or the on-air side, the ever growing digital side of our business and how the web can be your friend. We also touched on the aspects of sales, administrative demands and the importance of engineering.

The students had the most questions about the music that Power 95-9 plays and how it is selected.

We also talked about the need for commercials. Once they understood how expensive it is to keep a station like ours on the air, many viewpoints changed. It was neat to talk about the job I love to students who are trying to find out what they like and what they might want to do in the future. It was a great feeling to help these kids by giving them as much information about the radio industry as possible. I started working in radio when I was in high school because I needed a part-time job. I was thinking about going into architecture. It is amazing how things work out.

If you have a career day coming up feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to come out to your school or event. The main office number is 870-772-3771. My email address is WesSpicher@townsquaremedia.com